Life is made of three things...

Life is made of three things – Time, Energy and Resources. And we spend them on five facets of life. Understanding that is the very basis for the Alchemy for Life™ system of managing those basic building blocks of everything you do in your life. Work/life balance, stress-free productivity and reaching life (and work) goals all rely on this.


We all get the same amount, and everyone tries really hard to spend it on what they want to do. Knowing where your times goes allows you to get more control of it, and have much more work/life balance. Time allows you to add things to your schedule.


It takes energy to be a good listener, to work out, to go to work, to be a fun partner, a good mom or dad, and to get your chores done. Managing your energy allows you to start new projects, be a better partner and be happier.


Your stuff, your money, the favors you can call upon. Your exotic vacation takes resources, so does paying for piano lessons for your daughter. The primary reason most people work is the accumulation of resources. Do you know where all your resources are going?

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