Actually writing a book will get you to... actually write a book

This course focuses on the writing process, getting you unstuck, explaining how writing both fiction and nonfiction works, avoiding the pitfalls that most people fall into. There's a reason you haven't finished the book—actually several of them.

This course will not focus on how to attain best seller status (spoiler alert: that label is now too easy to obtain on Amazon through nefarious means). It will not go through the tedious process of submitting letters to publishers, marketing your book(s), social media, etc. None of those things will matter until you write the book...

Mark Bradford, Alchemy for Life™ Coaching.

Mark Bradford has created a writing site, a dating site and a coaching system (along with the supporting site) from scratch. Using the core skills of seeing things from a unique angle, and then building, augmenting, creating and distilling for others. In other words, he sees something, then breaks it down into a learnable system.

Mark has won the LinkedIn Profinder Best of 2017 for Coaching and the ABR 2020 Audiobook New Best New Author 2020 for The Sword and the Sunflower.

Excerpt from the course.

Chatting frankly with you on writing fiction and using The Sword and the Sunflower as an example of how the process works with the three elements of fiction.

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