Want to find more time to do the things you really want? Are you always and only working and the fun is nowhere to be found? Have a tedious task you want to accomplish but don't know how? Want to write a book but always get overwhelmed? Do you want to have date night with your spouse but she doesn't have the energy for it?

If you've listened to the Alchemy for Life™ podcast then you know how valuable the information is. What if you want more in-depth learning? Then you're in the right place. Alchemy For Me is here to help YOU accomplish goals, be more productive, have more free time, learn a new skill and just get more control over your life.

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Meet Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford is an author, speaker, podcast host, coach and builder. He invests a great deal of time and effort researching a subject to come up with an explanation for it that everyone can understand. His podcast interviews as well as his experiences have taught him what life’s made of, time management tricks, what multitasking really is, and even how both order and chaos benefit our lives. 15+ year business owner, he also is a full stack web developer.

It is in his nature to build things that fix, augment or create a solution. The fruits of his labors have been a dating site, a writing site, seven books and a card game.

Mark speaks to professional associations, groups and businesses about status, time, energy and resources, and how we all connect.

His latest duet—a coming of age story—The Sword and the Sunflower and Amira is a story about a father who loses his daughter and the aftermath of such an event, a traveler who loses his true love, and a girl who loses everything. It’s set in a speculative future.

Coming soon

The Status Game™

The ultimate and secret way that everyone connects to everyone.